MINNEAPOLIS—With baseball titans from the National League and American League going toe-to-toe for the title, it was anyone’s guess of who would come out victorious. A win would determine who would have home field advantage with the World Series just a few months away.


The National League won the game 5-3, which gives the league home field advantage in the World Series. The American League got the game off to a great start with three runs in the first inning, thanks to Detroit Tigers superstar Miguel Cabrera who scored a two-run homer. 


The National League countered that with two runs in the second inning. The NL tied the game in the fourth inning with a run, but the AL countered that with two additioanl runs in the fifth inning maintaining the lead the rest of the game.

The big talk about the game was New York Yankees star Derek Jeter who played in his final All-Star game of his career. The Yankee star is expected to retire at the end of this season. Jeter did hit a single during the third inning of the game, before exiting during the fourth inning of the game.


Mike Trout of the Angels was named the MVP of the game, and was awarded with a sweet Corvette as a prize for his performance.