LOS ANGELES—In order to assist Americans fight the Coronavirus, on March 22, President Donald Trump has ordered the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to ship mobile hospital centers to the states with higher number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, such as Washington, California and New York.

With this order, President Trump has agreed to send a Navy hospital ship to Los Angeles to help the state deal with the rise in patients who have contracted the coronavirus. The USNS Mercy, which is one of the Navy’s two 1,000-bed hospital ships, which is expected arrive to the Port of Los Angeles some time next week. While Washington is also in need of Mercy’s assistance, FEMA decided to have Mercy head directly to Los Angeles first. The POTUS also approved California’s activation of the National Guard to help with distribution of supplies and other needed relief efforts.

Los Angeles County saw its largest one day rise in Coronavirus patients  on Sunday, with over 71 more patients and one death reported.