UNITED STATES− It’s the start of a new decade. The year Twenty-Twenty brings with it a whole lot of change and great opportunities to make a change. It’s also a time that could be for some the chance of a lifetime.

President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, And Speaker Pelosi

If you are one of the many Americans who have grown weary of the constant berating of and fighting against the President of the United States, it’s a new election year. The Democrats in Congress began investigating President Trump in order to undermine the decision and the vote of over 62 million people since the day he took office in January of 2017. For those who did not fight it, and had to endure the constant negativity the struggle was real, but it’s almost over. Now, it’s time to clean house.

According to Ballotpedia, the Presidential election along with elections to the U.S. House are on November 3, 2020. All 435 seats along with 35 of 100 U.S. Senate Seats will be up for election. Special elections will also be held to fill vacancies in the 116th Congress.

As of December 30, 2019, Democrats held 232-198 majority in the House, with one Independent member and 4 vacancies.

The primary dates for California, Louisiana, and Washington hold partisan primaries, but use a primary system where all candidates regardless of their partisan affiliations are listed on the same primary ballot. California’s Primary date for Republicans and Democrats is March 3rd.

Your vote counts. If you are living in one of the Districts in California that may have been overrun with homelessness or otherwise neglected over the past three years while the Mueller investigation and then the impeachment inquiry took your Representatives from your District, you will have the opportunity to cast your vote for someone you feel could do a better job representing your district. On the other hand, if your Congressman was great at the balancing act and your District did not suffer, here is your chance to show your appreciation and vote for your candidate again.

All U.S. Congressional districts, including the 12th Congressional District of California are holding elections in 2020. Ballotpedia has 79-year-old, Nancy Pelosi, who was first elected in 1987, as heading into the elections as the incumbent.
California’s 12th Congressional District, located in the western part of the state including part of San Francisco county.

December 6, 2019 was the candidate filing deadline. March 3, 2020 is the primary election. Primary candidates for District 12 are; Nancy Pelosi (D), Agatha Bacelar (D), Shahid Buttar (D), Tom Gallagher(D), John Dennis (R), and Deanna Lorraine (R)

To find out what candidates are running in your district, click on the site below.


More information on registering to vote, or to see if you may register to vote on line go to: www.sos.ca.gov