UNITED STATES—Being a homeowner is something that all Americans aim for. The opportunity to turn the key and walk into a property that you own is the greatest feeling in the world. However, having a home comes with plenty of upkeep. I am learning that the hard way. Once you fix one thing, something else arises that needs fixing. I just had to replace the kitchen sink that was leaking water, and then I had to repair a toilet that was not properly working. The filters in the furnace and AC unit had to be fixed, not to mention power washing the concrete in the backyard. That was in a single week.

With that said, you run into the situation that you expect those in your neighborhood to do the same, but nope, you have those neighbors who just don’t care sometimes people. To me the first invitation to a person’s home is their lawn and there is nothing more frustrating than someone who refuses to cut their lawn or bushes. Look, I can understand if you don’t have a lawnmower, a weed whacker or edger, or even the bush trimmer. If that is the case, you should hire someone or even ask me if I’m your neighbor to help you out. When the neighborhood takes care of the neighborhood it helps the overall value and impact of the region.

You know what is great about owning real estate, the value of your home and/or property increases as well. If you paid over $100k-$200k for a home and in 10 years that value of the property is now $300k if you sell that means you make a profit. However, if you have 9 or 10 neighbors who all take care of their front lawns of their property, but you have that one neighbor who doesn’t what does that say?

It says a lot people, more than you can imagine because it impacts the entire neighborhood and it just isn’t a good look to see one property standout for all the wrong reasons when you have all these other properties looking pristine people spot the one that isn’t. Sometimes as neighbors it is ok to ask for help if you need it that is what neighbors do.

That is what we should do because it helps you build that community in times of need because you always want to have that second set of eyes on the lookout for suspicious activity, to watch over your property if you’re out of town, to help if a situation arises and you need extra assistance, your neighbor can be there for you. You scratch my back and I will scratch your back that is what good neighbors do people, they care about each other, and work together as a collective unit for the overall success of the neighborhood they all live in.

Do I suspect lackluster neighbors care for a property is a direct result of youngsters receiving property from their parents? That is absolutely true because there are some people who only care about having a place to lay their head and do nothing else. I am speaking from personal experience because my mother handed down my childhood home to my older brother and younger brother, who did nothing with the property until they lost it. My oldest brother would cut the grass, but that was the extent of things.

They would not fix the roof or the basement foundation that needed repairs. They refused to pay the electric bill, the gas bill and the water bill, so much to the point it skyrocketed so high they were unable to pay the bill to get the services restored. When they got them restored they still did nothing to fix the repairs needed in the home. They just wanted to sleep, invite anyone they could to the property and do as they please.

I mean if someone gives you a house and explain all you have to do is pay taxes and bills, and you don’t do it, you deserve to lose the property, but it is annoying. I wish someone would give me a property without having to pay for the home or a monthly mortgage. I would have made that property as pristine as possible. There is just such a lack of responsibility nowadays with youngsters that I cannot explain with words even if I wanted to. There needs to be more accountability and more responsibility. How you treat your property is a reflection of you as an individual. If you care about your property it is going to show. If you do not care that is also going to show.

Written By Jason Jones