HOLLYWOOD─Just when you think the woman who has caused so much chaos on “General Hospital” was done, Nelle Benson has been sprung from the slammer and loose yet again in Port Charles. Remember those invitations that Sam, Willow, Harmony received in regards to a memorial for Shiloh? They were courtesy of Nelle, who revealed she married Shiloh and now has ties to the Quartermaine family because Shiloh held Oscar’s shares. Yes, even from beyond the grave Shiloh is still haunting those who he tortured the most. Michael was most livid by the bombshell, because he knows how dangerous and treacherous Nelle can be.

However, the person Nelle needs to watch out for is Carly Corinthos. When she discovered her nemesis was loose and playing house with Wiley she went into a tirade. Carly suffered the most at the hands of Nelle, so it makes perfect sense for her to want to teach the woman who nearly broke up her marriage, convoluted with Ava who was responsible for Morgan’s death and had her locked away in a mental institution that she is not one to be toyed with.

A major war is brewing and I am hoping that it leads to the long-awaited big reveal that Wiley is actually Jonah. I mean it feels like we’ve been waiting for 2 years for this secret to come to life. Willow and Nelle are at war, Sasha and Chase have been intertwined into the mystery and Brad is feeling the pressure. The truth is about to come out so he needs to prepare for his world to explode in epic fashion. Nelle has raised the concerns of Michael, who has moved the unstable one into the Quartermaine mansion, but they’ll have company because Sasha is moving in also. Nelle has yet to go toe-to-toe with a woman like Sasha, so this should be fun.

Nelle is the catalyst of a lot of chaos, because it seems yet again that Valentin has escaped facing any consequences for his action. Martin assured Valentin Nelle has NO IDEA that she is being used like a pawn. The question I’m certain audiences want answered is: WHY? This should be important because Nelle and Valentin have never interacted from what I can think of. Nina and Jax finally shared their first kiss, which will have her former flame fuming once he finds out.

With that said, we have to talk about the return of a familiar face in Detective Marcus Taggert (Real Andrews). Yeah, the guy who has been a thorn in the lives of Sonny and Jason is back courtesy of Jordan. This is interesting it looks like the writers are setting up a bit of drama for Jordan and her marriage to Curtis with a former flame in the mix. I wonder how Curtis will feel with another guy being a threat to his marriage? We haven’t really seen that side of Curtis, so this will be interesting to watch how this unfolds. Taggert was brought back to town on Jordan’s request, and the two are indeed keeping a whopper of a secret.

Sonny was already livid to find Taggert speaking to Mike who is mentally ill, so imagine what he will do to neutralize a threat that could potentially cause his father’s Alzheimer’s to spiral even more than what it already has? Once you are a threat on Sonny’s list you remain a threat, people, it never changes. He might cordial to you, but in the back of the mind he is focused on how to take out that threat. Well, there was a major threat this week in Port Charles as the lives of Jason, Sonny, Mike, Carly, Gladys, Joss, Michael, Sasha and Laura were in danger because of multiple gunmen.

It looks like someone is after Sonny and the people he loves. With three shootings happening at once, it was Mayor Laura Webber, who became the injured party. Hmm, this does not bode well for Laura, but at the same time, this is not good for Sonny and company! Something tells me these shooters are connected to Taggert’s return to PC, let’s hope more Intel is released in the coming week’s “GH” fans.