SANTA MONICA—Neurobrands, LLC., the Santa Monica-based company that makes “Neuro” drinks, have agreed to a permanent court injunction that will require them to change their marketing practices, according to the city of Santa Monica.

Neurobrands, LLC. will also have to pay $500,000 in penalties and restitution as part of their settlement with local prosecutors. Judge Lisa Hart Cole approved and signed the final court judgment in the Los Angeles County Superior Court at the Santa Monica courthouse.

“I wanted to create intelligent dietary supplements that could help people everywhere make better choices for healthy lifestyles. Neuro drinks are fun and fashionable. They can be consumed from morning to night and provide essential functional support whenever…wherever,” said Diana Jenkins, Founder of Neuro drinks, on the Neuro drinks website.

The drinks that were under investigation by the Santa Monica City Attorney and Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office are Neuro Sleep, Neuro Sonic, Neuro Bliss and Neuro Daily. The investigation led to a civil complaint that Neuro lacks the scientific evidence to back up the health-related claims that are advertised.

Some of the claims that are now prohibited under the injunction are that Neuro drinks can support memory, have a daily dose of immunity, relieve muscle cramps, and normalize sleep patterns. Full descriptions of the four drinks can be seen on Neuro’s website and the full list of the prohibited claims can be seen on the city of Santa Monica’s website.

The permanent court injunction also requires Neuro to do several things including discontinuing specific ad claims, and changing elements of the marketing and branding of the four drinks.

“Words matter. Especially as more and more people become concerned about what they eat and drink, a product’s health claims need to be fair and accurate,” said Adam Radinsky, Santa Monica’s Chief Deputy City Attorney for Consumer Protection. “If something is claimed to have health benefits, the manufacturer needs to back that up with reliable scientific evidence.”

Canyon News tried to reach both Adam Radinsky and Neurobrands, LLC., but we did not hear back before print for comment.