SANTA MONICA—The city of Santa Monica has installed a real-time bike-counter on Main Street to keep track of how many people get around the city by cycling.

The bike-counter was unveiled to the public on Main Street in front of City Hall on Wednesday, December 21 at noon. It will be used to collect data to see how frequent bike users pass by. According to Eco-Counter, the company that manufactures the counter, the device will be used to encourage cycling by communicating to cyclists that they count.

Mayor Ted Winterer and City Manager Rick Cole joined Santa Monica Spoke, Climate Action Santa Monica, and Breeze Bike Share for the ribbon-cutting welcome event.

“We are trying new and different ways of encouraging more people to use all of the available transportation options,” said Santa Monica Mayor Ted Winterer. “The bike counter is another small way we are getting people excited about biking in Santa Monica. There really is no better place to be on two wheels and we hope cyclists enjoy seeing the number tick up each time they pass the counter.”

The counter is connected to sensors in the green lanes on Main Street, both northbound and southbound. Portland, Oregon and Montreal, Canada, are two other cities that have installed similar counters.

Santa Monica has had a positive stance toward bicycle riding. It recently held the Electronic Bike Expo, launched Los Angeles’ first public bike-sharing system, and opened the Downtown Santa Monica Bike Center, which were all part of the Bike Action Plan the city adopted in 2011.

“Biking is a part of Santa Monica’s culture,” said City of Santa Monica Mobility Manager Francie Stefan.