PACIFIC PALISADES—Yellow school buses, sponsored by parents of school children, for students of Paul Revere Middle School are set to increase in number for the 2017-2018 school year. The goal is to increase capacity by 50 percent, the Palisades News reported.

Currently, the buses provide transportation for over 200 students at the school and covers Pacific Palisades, the Warner Elementary school area and areas of the San Fernando Valley.

These parents-sponsored buses became important last fall, where the parents pay $1,650 for a school year for pickup and drop off, to and from Paul Revere Middle School. Payment can be made via Direct Deposit to the school’s bank account or via PayPal.

For those interested in signing up for one of the new routes:

Route 73 – Pacific Palisades

Route 72 – West Hollywood Elementary

Route 71 – Warner Elementary

BWS Route 714 – Valley

BWS Route 710 – Westchester

They can email:

The Big Blue Bus (BBB) has been adding new buses when required and offers a 30-day youth pass for only $19. Parents can visit to purchase their passes.

The school is offering the parents to sign up for the SafeStop App which helps them see real time maps of their child’s bus and expected arrival times for their stop. For additional details visit:

Written By Arjun Balasundaram and Donald Roberts