UNITED STATES—There is no arguing that online casinos have greatly changed the gambling industry in various profound ways. Various casino players throughout the world have embraced the concept of online gambling and so are players from Canada. Nonetheless, players in the country need to be alive to the rules that govern online casinos and online gambling therein.

Some gamblers usually think that they may find themselves on the wrong side of the law for practicing online gambling at unlicensed online casinos with servers hosted within the country. However, it is absolutely legal to play at any offshore casino that is hosted outside the country. This means that the law directly affects the gambling operator more than the players. Of course, there is nothing in the law that bars players in Canada from accessing online casinos that are located offshore and are not licensed for the gambling business by provincial authorities.

So, what types of online games are available for the Canadian players?

There are various types of online casino games available for the Canadian online casino player to choose from. In fact, any type of game that can be found in the Canadian land-based casinos or the other popular casino hubs can be found at online casinos. Moreover, there is actually even more variety that can be found over the internet than the actual brick-and-mortar casinos there! With a little effort and google search, you will be able to discover more quality games that you haven’t encountered yet like jackpot darts, card craps, and more.

Interestingly, great online casinos are usually just a click away! The best thing about playing online casinos is the flexibility they provide. They are available 24/7 and the player gets to choose from the variety of available games. One of the best reasons to play online casino games is the huge bonus offers. Online gamblers are usually subject to huge bonus offers, rewards, and various other nice incentives.

The payouts and odds offered at online casino websites are generally high compared to the conventional brick-and-mortar casinos. Online casino operators generally enjoy low overhead operational costs thus they give their players higher payouts.

Let’s now get to learn the various online casino games available for the Canadian player.

The slots – slots games are highly popular not just in Canada but other parts of the world as well. In most of the online casinos serving the Canadian audience including onlinecasinozed.com, the slots games make up many of the gaming options.

Roulette – of course there could be no talk about online casinos without mentioning roulette. It is most loved by the new online gamblers as it doesn’t require much of experience and skills needed to play either baccarat or blackjack.

Blackjack – this is one of the most interesting casino table games with a very large fun base all over the world. It is an all-time favorite for the seasoned gamblers and no online casino worth its salt can be without it!

Baccarat – this is another casino game of skill that takes time for the player to learn and become perfect at. At the brick-and-mortar casinos, players need to have huge bankroll to play it. However, the online baccarat players really don’t have to worry about having large bankrolls to begin playing it.

Video pokerthis one also requires time for the player to learn and become good at. Its online version is based on 5-card draw poker.

Craps – this is a popular casino games that usually involves dice throwing in real physical casinos but there is also a version for the online players. It is also another favorite for the online bettors in Canada. The top Canadian focused online casinos offer it to the players.

Keno – this is one of the easiest online casino games for players to learn and play. It features simple rules and also offers the chance to players to be able to win large sums of money.

Canadian Online Casinos Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to play online casinos in Canada?
Yes, it is absolutely legal to play online casino games in Canada. However, the online casino operators hosted within the country and not licensed by local authorities are prohibited to serve Canadian players.

What are the various deposit and withdrawal methods available for the Online Canadian Casino Players?

As things stand currently, there are at least four main basic ways available for online casino players to fund their online casino accounts. Interestingly, some of them also double up as withdrawal methods.

  • Digital and other digital currencies
  • Instant banking
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Electronic wallets

What is the minimum legal gambling age in Canada?

Authority for overseeing gambling related issues shifted from the central federal government to the various separate provinces of the country. Now, the provincial regulators have set varied legal gambling age. There are three provinces that have set the minimum age at 18 years, the rest have set it at 19 years.