STUDIO CITY—A new bike path stretching under a mile has opened in Studio City on Thursday, September 5. On a protected mount along the Los Angeles River, the freshly paved road is exclusive for bikers looking to evade traffic.

The new route begins between Whitsett Avenue and Coldwater Canyon Avenue, which is now being named the newest ‘riverway’. Los Angeles City Councilmember, Paul Krekorian, advocated for community empowerment throughout his duration of serving the San Fernando Valley region. He expressed his mission is to advocate for mobility, sustainability, and prosperity in Studio City, as well as the other cities he represents. He stated that his priority was to make sure that the investments made at the Los Angeles River focus on the San Fernando Valley, and hoped to continue making steps towards that goal by implanting the new riverway. 

Krekorian revealed that the new bike path was part of a $7.3 million project to develop unutilized footpath from Whitsett to Coldwater Canyon, and Sepulveda Boulevard to Kester Avenue. The city is actively seeking additional funding to connect more unutilized space in surrounding areas with the purpose of becoming one larger, connected path. If funding is allocated, the new biking pathway will stretch from Canoga Park to Studio City for the 2028 Olympics.