SANTA MONICA—As of July 6, the City Council held a meeting to discuss revisions and assessments for the city’s current general budget plan which may result in a special tax addendum for local citizens.

Knowing that the city is currently being faced with financial shortages, it is imperative to the council that they adopt the new tax resolutions in hopes of increasing local revenue and working towards economic recovery.

According to the City Council Agenda Item 8-B submitted by City Manager Rod Gould, if approved, the new tax ordinance will include citywide improvements such as “[offsetting] severe state cuts and [stabilizing] City finances,”  [as well as] protecting and maintaining “essential City services” which include police, fire, paramedic, educational, public transit, environmental, library, gang/drug prevention programs, assistance for the disabled, and other general funding services.

The next council meeting is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, July 13. With this being said, if the new tax ordinance is approved, there will be an election held on November 2 of this year consisting of a series of votes distributed by the city electorate.

“Voter approval of the measure would secure approximately $12 million annually in revenue for the General Fund based on current estimates,” according to Gould’s report.

If the council chooses not to adopt the new decisions, “[the] staff [will then] propose further adjustments to the City’s [Fiscal Year] 2011-2012 budget for Council action, in order to maintain a balanced budget,” Gould concluded.

Public protests towards the new tax measure have not been reported as of yet; however, due to ongoing developments, that is subject to change.