BEVERLY HILLS—The 2014-2015 session for the Team Beverly Hills program, the City’s leadership and educational program for residents, has announced its new team members. The BH City Council has appointed 42 new members for the six-month leadership and educational program. There will be nine class sessions and interactive experiences with various City Departments.


The program is slated to start in September 2014. According to a press release from the City of
Beverly Hills, Team Beverly Hills has been in existence since 1996, where more than 536 residents have completed the program. It allows residents the opportunity to become more active in their community.


“We are extremely pleased with our eager group of future leaders and volunteers who will participate in this unique, informative and interactive experience,” said Gisele Grable, Community Services Administrator. “Team Beverly Hills provides residents with a hands-on look at how local government works. Every class is different and highlights various City operations including public works, emergency management, information technology, library, recreation and parks, and public safety.”


Those looking for additional information about Team Beverly Hills or interested in receiving notification for next year’s application period (during May 2015) can visit or call 310-285-1023.


This year’s members include: Tanaz Akhlaghi, Robert Anderson, Bernice Balson, Merle Bauer, Marjorie Blatt, Elizabetti Candido, Goldie Cohenm Stefan Dahlerbruch, Lindsey Daniels, Paige Dubelko, Josh Emrani, Deborah Frank, Victoria Gordon, Josh Greer, Isabel Hacker, Lucas Harward, Alison Hawkins, April Jergens, Andrew Kadar, Michelle Khalatian, Rachel Levin, Gail Millan, Vic Nol, Zachary Okyle, Sharon Persovski, Jon Paul Puno, Michelle Redston, Scott Redston, Ben Reiss, Kimberly Reiss, Bryan Roberts, Don Rosen, Marsha Tauber Sallai, Stella Sarraf, Natasha Shabani, Katherine Shiel, Michael Smooke, Jay Solnit, Lanna Solnit, Tony Storm, Lisa Wolfe and Rick Wolfen.