HOLLYWOOD─There are some major shakeups taking place in Salem on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.” For starters, the character of Stefano DiMera is back and working behind the scenes. I was on the fence about one of the greatest villains in daytime returning in a different body, but I am warming up to the idea of Steve aka Patch as ‘The Phoenix.’ What I think is more alarming is his obsession with Dr. Marlena Evans. I mean, Stefano before he ‘died,’ did not seem obsessed with Marlena, but his sudden fixation on the one woman he has never been able to have is interesting.

Princess Gina wants John and Stefano wants Marlena, so there goal is to break up the two, but I cannot understand why Kate is ok with this. Does she not realize that Stefano has and will always love Marlena? She is playing second fiddle. In addition, how might her family react to learning that she was well aware that Steve has been placating around town as someone who he actually isn’t?

Well that secret is actually out of the bag, because Steve um Stefano made his presence known to Salem and its residents in a big way this week during a New Year’s Eve bash. Hmm, I don’t know what it’s about Salem and dropping a major bomb as we enter the New Year. I mean in 2017 we met Stefan O. DiMera. In 2018, Jack returned from the dead courtesy of Eve. In 2019, Steve, my bad, Stefano returned from the dead. I think it’s very safe to say, this is no coincidence.

Kayla was stunned to see the love of her life return in the flesh. I mean she has moved on with Justin, too bad she doesn’t realize Steve is not really Steve. She has her intuition, but only if it was stronger she would realize that just because you have someone’s face, doesn’t mean you possess their soul. Kate better be careful because when the truth comes out, she’ll pay dearly for it. Too bad Kate is focused on ruining Evan’s life now that he has gotten closer to Sonny.

For now, Will and Sonny are over and we can thank Kate for flapping her lips for that outcome. However, that tale is dry and old, we know Victor and Xander are keeping a major secret, and it looks like the hints are getting stronger. Why? The audience still doesn’t know how or why Will murdered, killed or accidentally killed Adrienne. My suspicions have been boiling for some time, and I expect Will was framed! This is a major, interesting twist that I did not expect to say the least.

With all that said, that story is not front-and-center right at the moment, the focus is Kristen and Lani’s return to Salem. Lani is back in town and with a vengeance. So much to the point she vandalized Gabi’s store and Eli is searching for the culprit. Oh, Eli if only you knew what sweet ole Gabi did to the true love of your life, you wouldn’t be so gung ho to solve the mystery. Lani did indeed confess to JJ what Gabi did and how she drove her out of town. So JJ knows the truth, but will he spill the beans? I think not.

That plays second fiddle to the return of a phenomenal daytime villainess in Kristen DiMera. Yes, Kristen has returned to Salem to claim what is hers: Brady Black. There is just one slight problem: Brady is getting close to Nicole yet again. I pegged this the moment that Eric learned the truth about Mackenzie being his daughter. Well, Kristen spotted the two getting closer and made her claim: BRADY IS HERS! Ugh, Nicole you might want to back away, because a vengeful Kristen is a dangerous one to say the least.