BEVERLY HILLS—A members-only 24/7 healthcare facility based in New York has made plans to expand their network by creating a branch in Beverly Hills on June 15.

The concierge Sollis Health was founded by Dr. Bernard Kruger and Ben Kruger. They currently have two New York facilities located in the Upper East Side and Tribecca. Their mission is to offer fast and reliable care to their patients seeking any care from women’s health to cardiovascular and mental health.

With the coronavirus pandemic still at large in places such as California, Ben Kruger said he is pleased the company can help combat those who need healthcare:

“With Angelenos still battling the pandemic, we’re pleased that we can bring our services to Los Angeles at this time,” he said. “Even though testing is ramping up in California, what’s more difficult to find is home testing coupled with comprehensive care.”

The LA services will be led by Dr. Scott Braunstein, who has worked as an ER physician at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for 20 years. Founding members will get access to special packages including COVID-19 PCR testing with results in at 24 hours.

Currently Sollis Health is only offering a 24/7 telemedicine and house call service linked to their facilities in New York and the Hamptons, but plans are underway to secure a physical location in Beverly Hills in September.