HOLLYWOOD—Just when one thinks all is well with the Newman family on “The Young and the Restless” all it takes is for one person to get a bit of power to blow it all to pieces. No, it was not Victor Newman America, it was his daughter, Victoria! She reclaimed her spot as the CEO of Newman Enterprises after that debacle with Adam came to light. Well, we can’t say it came to light because it hasn’t yet, just a select few family members know about it.

With that said, Victoria decided to sell a portion of the company to Jabot and Chancellor Enterprises in a partnership with Jack, Billy and Lily. Adam was not pleased to hear about it and neither was dear ole dad. Oh, Victor always knows how to teach his children a lesson when they need to learn something the most. Victoria is more like dear ole dad, than Nick to say the least people. Victor is already pulling strings getting Nikki appointed as COO of the company to be his eyes and ears. His wife noted she would not act as a spy, but trust with Victor in her ear she will do what he asks.

Speaking of Chancellor Enterprises, it looks like the company has a new acquisition in Theo who was ousted from Jabot after stealing Jack’s old ideas for a presentation. Looks like Kyle, Lola, Summer and Theo have come to an agreement to be amicable to one another, the question remains just how long that will last America. With that said, it appears that the tale of the hour is Adam doing his best to recollect memories from his past involving the murder of AJ. He has become a tortured soul and it is worrying Victor and Chelsea in particular.

Chelsea believes he should leave the past in the past, but Adam is adamant on recollecting that memory that he has locked away. So who is going to help him solve the big mystery: Sharon! Sharon has a lot on her plate right now battling her breast cancer. This is an interesting dynamic because Adam and Sharon have a ton of history. Before Chelsea, I would say Sharon was the love of Adam’s life, but this semi-reunion has me thinking that torch Adam had for Sharon never disappeared and things might rekindle America.

To be honest I would be happy to see it, it seems Sharon keeps Adam on a straight path and they just have stronger chemistry together. I mean how will Chelsea react to seeing the man she loves with a woman who was once his true before she came into the picture? Oh, the jealously alone would have me glued to the TV screen.