HOLLYWOOD─I cannot believe how quickly Kyle Abbott moved on from what many viewers thought was the love of his life on “The Young and the Restless.” I mean Kyle, take a breather already buddy. After coming to grips that he wasn’t fully happy in his marriage after sharing that kiss with Summer, he severed ties with Lola. Yes, America, ‘Kola’ is over. Kyle moved out, and right there by his side was Summer.

I have to acknowledge Summer Newman is an annoying character. I’m not sure if this is a direct result of Austin cheating on her with Abby or what, but the girl is just trouble waiting to happen. Anyway, Summer and Kyle made love and made it no secret that they are couple living in the moment. On the flipside, Lola grappling with her emotions, and Theo was right there by her side for comfort. There was a slight difference though America: Lola wanted to pounce on Theo, but he refused to allow her to react on her emotions.

So Theo is NOT the total creep that we thought he was America. Something still tells me the love affair between Kyle and Lola is not over, even though Kyle certainly seems to think so America. Also in the romance department, it seems Chance and Abby are quickly moving forward. They’re an item people, much to Phyllis chagrin, but ‘Red’ has discovered some major leverage that is about to change her life. Remember Phyllis is well aware that Adam and Chance were buddies while in Las Vegas. She knows the duo has been keeping a secret, and well the audience, as well as Phyllis NOW know that little secret. What is it?

Chance was working undercover in Las Vegas, where his life was threatened, and Adam came to his rescue, by killing the guy who was threatening Chance’s life. So there we have it people, Adam killed someone yet again, in what he claims was self-defense and has kept things tight-lipped. Too bad that Chance and Adam, and Riza had no idea that Phyllis was recording their entire conversation courtesy of a chair unbeknownst to them.

Riza, Adam and Chance continued to talk about this mystery woman who is still asking questions about her husband, even though Adam and Chance have gone to extreme lengths to keep her quiet. That is right America, we still have NO IDEA as to who this woman is, and that little secret has me enamored. With that news, Phyllis has started to propose threats to Adam, Chelsea and Chance to get what she wants in her back pocket. That is the one person you want to be very careful around, because if she sniff’s something is wrong, you better believe, she’ll find out what it is. Phyllis got Chelsea to sell those shares to the hotel to get her leverage yet again. You might not like it, but Phyllis is a hustler people.

In other GC news, Victor Newman and the rest of the family are celebrating 50 years of Newman Enterprises. So let’s hope for once there is no family drama, but considering Billy and Victoria’s current tiff, I’m certain some drama is likely to explode America, as it did courtesy of Amanda Sinclair’s ex, Ripley, who crashed the party and left a Newman, Victoria fighting for her life. I guess the writer’s had to do something with the character, who hasn’t been doing much lately by whining to fans dismay. I can see this as the tipping point to reunite Billy and Victoria who have been on the outs lately. Only can a Newman family shindig turn into a complete nightmare for the Newman’s America.