HOLLYWOOD—After weeks of intense competition a new mirror ball trophy winner has been named.  Monday saw the final four: Derek and Bethany, Mark and Sadie, Janel and Val and Alfonso and Witney.  The judges challenged the contestants to improve on a dance that was good before, but they were expecting even more this time around.

Bethany and Derek kicked off things with their newly improved Jive to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off,” which earned them a total of 36/40. Sadie and Mark took on the Samba, something that Len preferred to see since he missed it the first time around. It was a strong dance, but I felt it lacked a slight bit of intensity. They got a 38/40 for the routine.

Janel and Val were next up, and a serious injury almost halted the duo, while tackling the Samba. It was quite intense, but a few mishaps gave them a 37/40. Also nursing an injury was Alfonso and his partner Witney as they tackled the Jive for a second time around that was even better than the first with a 40/40. So with the dances done, now it was time for the popular freestyle routines!

Bethany and Derek choreographed a very dramatic freestyle that was reminiscent of a Janet Jackson “Rhythm Nation” if you ask me. Sadie and Mark might have had one of the most inventive dances of all-time tackling the video game classic Super Mario Bros. It was full of energy, funny and something likely never to be seen again in “DWTS” history.

Janel and Val decided to embody a freestyle that was full of emotion and passion. It indeed showed a level of chemistry that is missing from the other finalists if you ask me. They even shared a kiss that is certain to have the rumor mill churning for weeks to come. Wrapping up the night was Alfonso and Witney’s routine which brought some old time dances including the Carlton and a tap dancing routine that had not been seen before.

With the dancing complete, someone had to get the boot. I honestly thought all four had an equal shot of taking the top prize. It seriously has been one dogfight from the start to the finish. So in the end it was Bethany and Derek who were given the boot.  So that means Sadie, Alfonso and Janel will duke it out for the mirror ball trophy.

I’ll be honest its going to be a fight to the finish between Janel and Alfonso if you ask me. There was a lot of time to expand for the show, which featured previous contestants, singers Jennifer Hudson and Meghan Trainor and highlights from the season.

The three finalists then took to the stage one last time to tackle the fusion challenge to score additional points with the judges. Sadie and Mark’s fusion of the Quickstep and Samba earned them a 40/40. Janel and Val danced the Foxtrot and Paso that was intense and full of chemistry earning a 40/40. Alfonso and Witney wrapped things up with a Cha Cha and Argentine Tango that was smooth, technical and energetic. As you guessed, they also earned a 40/40 from the judges.

Falling into third place was Val and Janel, a bit of a surprise, as I was nearly certain those two would be competing with Alfonso for the title. So it was Sadie versus Alfonso, and it was no doubt that Alfonso would take the crown which he deservedly did. He was brought to tears when he name was announced. So another season is in the books, but with the 10 year celebration taking place in spring 2015, I have a feeling another all-star season is about to take place? If so what favs do you want to see hit the dance floor once again?