HOLLYWOOD—Would I say I was surprised to learn that Nikolas Cassadine was alive on “General Hospital?” Not really. I expect some sort of twist simply because the writers dragged out the notion of Ava and Austin disposing of the ‘body.’ However, I was stunned at the reveal that not only was he alive, but who was keeping him alive. Its Mason, Austin’s cousin under direct orders of his secretive boss. The writers have been toying with this mystery for months now, and I will admit it is the one storyline I’m most interested by currently on “GH.” Why? It gives Roger Howarth, a talented actor, much more to do on the soap, we can learn a bit about Austin’s past which is still a mystery and we can finally learn who is this ‘boss’ that has been pulling the strings for Austin and Mason.

I do have a notion that person could possibly be Olivia Jerome, Ava and Julian’s older sister, who was last seen on the canvas quite some time ago. However, when she was last present she was threatening Julian to do her dirty work, not Ava, so to see Olivia target her younger sister is indeed interesting. With that said, the reveal hasn’t come just yet, so if it’s NOT Olivia I will not be disappointed, if anything I will be intrigued to find out the motive. I’m really hoping the writers do not disappoint us for once. So many big reveals on “General Hospital” have been major disappointments in recent years, so I don’t have high hopes.

With that said, Ava and Austin were certain they were going to be nailed by Dante who came exploring Spoon Island on Nikolas’ whereabouts. The panic has now set in for these two because with Nikolas not dead, they have three worries: 1) where is he 2) who moved him 3) is he exacting his revenge? We know for certain that Victor Cassadine is not Mason’s boss, because Victor absolutely does not know where his nephew is and you can expect him to raise hell when he finds out that Ava was responsible for ‘killing’ him and whoever is holding him captive.

Let’s chat about a few other developments, starting with Molly possibly being pregnant with TJ’s baby. Yeah, it is not 100 percent confirmed, but the speculation was that Sam might be pregnant with Dante, but that’s not the case people. Probably a missed narrative for the writers as Dante and Sam don’t have much going on. Dante is investigating just about everything, but Sam is just there. We need more for the characters, something that makes the viewers become invested in what is transpiring otherwise they are just there people. FYI TJ and Molly are not having a baby, but they are intrigued with the prospect.

Alexis recently discovered that Gregory has been lying to her about teaching at the university, which forced the two to have a tough conversation about where they stand. Let’s just hope Alexis isn’t unlucky in the love department yet again. This woman does indeed deserve a bit of happiness, as its long overdue people. There are other fallouts in Port Charles we have to discuss like Portia trying to piece her life together after the secret about Trina’s paternity coming to life. Curtis is livid, Trina is not even talking to her mother, and Taggert seems to be the only person who hasn’t completely turned on his former wife, even though her betrayal could up end his life in the worst possible way people.

Curtis being angry with Jordan over not telling him is ludicrous. It is not her secret to tell, so Curtis needs to direct his frustration elsewhere. Elizabeth is facing a bit of heat after Scott pulled strings to get her off with that entanglement involving Nikolas, holding Esme Prince hostage and the hook mystery. Yeah, Elizabeth, I don’t think you considered the fact that keeping things tight-lipped resulted in Liesl losing her daughter Britt. You have blood on your hands Liz and I’m not disappointed that she got slapped as a result by Liesl who threw Scott to the wolves as well. It is looking like a Victor and Liesl romance could brew once again.

There are consequences for your actions, which some characters on “GH” never see the light of day. Speaking of consequences let’s chat about Carly Spencer. Still no ramifications for that game changing secret about Nina being Willow’s mother. It was a treat to see Nina declare war on Drew for not holding Carly to fire for her role in the duplicity. I sense that insider trading secret is going to be exposed and Carly and Drew will land behind bars as a result people especially considering Sonny knows and he might have spilled that information to an unsuspecting Nina who overheard his conversation with Olivia.

The only good news in this saga is that Willow Tait has found a bone marrow match in her aunt Liesl. Michael, Willow and Josslyn per usual are being brats, unaware that if NOT FOR NINA, Liesl would not be donating her marrow. She cares about her niece, so that is something Michael, Willow and Josslyn should be very thankful for. I’m sorry I’m going to say this I cannot wait till the day the writers craft a storyline that brings Michael Corinthos down a peg or two. This character is the most spoiled brat I can recall seeing in daytime TV history in decades. He’s obnoxious, condescending and just bratty and I’m over it. It has gotten to the point where his character is downright unlikeable for viewers and I know I’m not alone.

This vendetta to take down Sonny is just cruel and wicked, and I’m certain the truth will be exposed on his big wedding day, which will enrage Willow who is likely attempting to turn over a new lease on life after getting a second chance. Try to mend your relationship with your mother Willow, Nina deserves it. The same sentiment I have for Michael I have for Josslyn. I don’t think I have hated two characters as much as I despise these two America. I’m seriously over them people.

Her relationship with Dex was a valid narrative point, but how hilarious would it be if Michael’s plan in bringing Sonny down succeeds on his wedding day, but as a ripple effect, Dex somehow gets caught in the crossfire with Spencer and Carly inadvertently has her insider trading secret spilled as well. Both parents getting arrested on the same day would be the cherry on top and I hope that is what the writers go far.

It is time for Carly, Michael and Josslyn to pay for their sins from the past, no more skirting thru people. Happy to see Gladys exposed is headed our way, which will allow Sasha to actually control her life once again. I mean Brook Lynn thinking Sasha and Chase were an item was laughable. Brook Lynn stop trying to fool yourself. You are in love with Chase and he is with you. I’m so ready for you two to bury the hatchet and get back together. Also Spencer is showing more and more signs that he is a Cassadine as he attempts to take custody of his brother Ace from Esme. However, the law is not on his side, just as Eileen has aligned with Felicia and Anna to take down Victor, but when you have a villain like Victor Cassadine, a takedown will not be that easy people.