HOLLYWOOD—I am going to say this, and I know I’m not the only person who feels this way about Michael Quartermaine on “General Hospital.” The character is a cocky, arrogant, a**hole. He just is. They have continued to write this character in a way that makes him pompous and better than everyone when it comes to morality. I don’t think I have ever hated a character more than I despise Michael Q on “GH.”

After all the crap Michael did with trying to frame Sonny with the Pikeman deal that has been placed on the backburner or forgotten at the moment, but I sense that secret will come back to light, but it may be later down the line, more on that later. Michael has gotten his hands on some evidence that proves Nina was the person that reported Carly and Drew to the SEC. People do understand that Carly and Drew committed a crime right? I don’t feel sorry for what has transpired to those two as a result of dabbling in illegal activity.

Carly lost her fortune, her hotel, her business and her dignity to a degree. Drew was sent to prison and got beat up pretty bad because he got too close to the truth involving Cyrus. Cyrus is not the reformed man he has touted himself to be and with him being released from prison that makes things only worse in Port Charles people.

Michael got confirmation of Nina’s guilt while Sonny and Nina were tying the knot in international waters. Oh, to say he was livid was an understatement. With that said, the tea wasn’t spilled just yet, but he confirmed it with Martin, Nina’s lawyer and secretly recorded his conversation with Martin. Hmm, isn’t that illegal? So we’re in the middle of October, so this tells me that the truth is likely coming out in November Sweeps, but I feel Nina will not be the only casualty.

Why? She will be the town pariah yet again, even though she didn’t really do anything wrong here. She reported a crime. Did she stay mum and allow Ned to take the fall? Yeah, but isn’t that the importance of anonymity? You’re not supposed to be exposed. Feels like sloppy writing here people, I can see if Nina confessed the truth to the wrong person, but she didn’t. Sonny is now married to Nina and he will be upset when this secret is exposed, but I don’t know if it ends his marriage, but it is possible, but if that is the case, who becomes the new romantic interest in Sonny’s life?

It will not be Carly who is with Drew, and it does feel like Nina and Valentin could float back to one another, and I like to see that repairing people. Carly will get her pound of flesh, so will Drew, then Michael and Willow ultimately. Ok, you sever a relationship between mother and daughter Michael, congrats you win, but again Nina exposed the truth, she didn’t do anything salacious, but my suspicion tells me Nina, Valentin or someone close to Nina’s orbit will learn about Michael and Dex’s relationship to take down Sonny and that secret is going to be exposed, but I feel like the audience might have to wait till February Sweeps before that bomb hits.

However, can you imagine a Michael and Sonny war, with him learning that his ‘son’ tried to frame him, and that Dex is a plant, and that Josslyn knew and so did Carly who kept mum. Talk about a furious Sonny, we might see a vengeful Sonny unlike every before and I want to see it. Michael Quartermaine being knocked down a peg will be great TV.

With that said, there is plenty more going on in Port Charles. Cyrus Renault is out and running amuck. He has plenty in town nervous and for all the right reasons, as Ava is currently being held hostage by Mason, who is being tasked with taking her out, but I feel like his fate will be the one that transpires. Dex and Josslyn (for reasons I cannot fathom) are hunting for Ava who has gone MIA. Is this the writers way of attempting to make these characters sympathetic with the viewers? Not buying it. Even though Dex and Dante saved Ava from likely being killed by Mason who was shot and now recuperating in GH.

Kevin and Laura returned to Port Charles and discovered that Esme is still struggling, Spencer is happy with Trina, but he learned his father, Nikolas is very much alive and on the run. Yeah, I’m waiting for Nikolas to come back to PC and face the sins of his past, but that face-off between Nikolas and Ava will be well worth it once it finally transpires. Gladys has been sent packing courtesy of Sonny, while Sasha and Cody are still bonding. Now, if Cody revealed the truth to Mac about him being his father that would make his life only better. We saw the return of Lois Cerullo, yes Rena Sofer is back at her original soap home.

She is besties with Olivia and this only complicates the situation involving Ned aka Eddie Maine. Remember Lois was married to Ned and they share daughter Brook Lynn. Not to mention, Lois and Tracy are not besties, so with Brook Lynn angry with nanny, her return to PC is causing major waves that are fun to watch currently. I’m trying to figure out if Lois and Ned will reunite causing friction with Olivia considering Ned’s memory loss, but she has to be here for the long haul.