MELROSE—The National Museum of Animals and Society (NMAS) helped Project Intersect launch a party on September 6. The event was hosted by founder and editor of Project Intersect, Jacqueline Morr, Progress For Science and Ashley Maier of Connect the Dots.

“The National Museum of Animals & Society [has dedicated themselves] to enriching the lives of animals and people through exploration of our shared experiences,” the NMAS mission statement says.

According to their Facebook page, Project Intersect is “a new radical eco-feminist, anti-oppression, engaged vegan, and intersectional ethics zine continuing on in the tradition of (r)evolutionary DIY activist-publications such as Feminist for Animal Rights’ (FAR) newsletter, the ‘EarthFirst! Journal,’ and Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty’s (SHAC) activist newswire.”

“The first issue of the zine, “Clarion Call,” will feature short personal/critical essays, poetry, interviews, and fine art that encourage radical, INTERSECTIONAL analyses (of oppression) that are sorely needed both in activist circles and in general public discourse. Areas of concern include, but are not limited to: animal liberation (ethical veganism), (radical) eco-feminism, earth liberation, critical race, class, political, body, and gender theories, transformative justice, conceptual writing and narrative storytelling, activist tactics and perspectives, and visual art as protest.”

The launch was located at The National Museum of Animals & Society on 4302 Melrose Avenue. Entrance to the launch party was free and copies of the magazine were available for $5 a copy or by donation.