UNITED STATES—Man this cannot be true because if it is, it is one devastating blow as a fanatic of college football. With the various collegiate divisions cancelling the football schedule for the fall, it looks like the first time since I can remember we will not be entertained with college football and I’m devastated. Look I’ve never been a fan of the NFL because there feels like too much predictability when it comes to a vast majority of many of the games.

The athletes don’t seem to feel like they have anything to prove. However, when you look at college, they do have a ton to prove. The games are way more exciting, more exhilarating and I just love to watch college football on a Saturday. That ain’t happening in 2020 and it seems like COVID-19 has claimed another victim. I mean this virus is killing any and almost any form of entertainment we could possibly have and I’m like devastated I’m not joking. Rumors were swirling that the Big Ten might push for a season, but were on the cusp of cancelling things, and it was made official on August 11.

What happens to all of these student athletes? Do they lose their scholarships? What happens to all that potential revenue the universities would see in the fall from football being played. What about advertisers? There are so many questions and not enough answers. However, what I circle back to is what college campuses across the country will be like this fall without sports. I recall my freshmen year and the excitement of attending the tailgating parties during the first home game of the season that is NOT happening in 2020 for most schools. It’s like you’re in school, but you’re not because everything will be done in a virtual manner. No big lecture classes people, if you’re stuck in a dorm you may as well stay at home. Why in the hell would you want to pay tuition if you can do the classes online at home? I get you want the space from your parents, but ask yourself this: do you want to pay thousands for room and board if you do not have too?

Can you imagine being a freshmen, on a college campus for the first time in your life and there is no sports, especially football which seems to be a staple? That is a hard pill to swallow. You’re losing the college experience in a way that you will never get it back and it sucks greatly if I’m being honest America. Athletes are forced to reevaluate their future and possible grapple with a life-changing realization that their dreams of going pro might not happen.

Fall football is crucial for scouts in the NFL. This is true for those who are seniors getting ready to graduate from college, but it also has an impact on seniors in high school headed to college. How do you convince someone that you are the best of the best if they don’t even get the opportunity to see you play? You can’t and that is a shame. I’m just wondering what the hell so many of us will be doing on our Saturdays since there will be no college football to watch at all people?

I guess more free time to spend with the family? It makes me wonder if high school football will also follow suit. I mean I spend my Saturdays watching my nephew play football the past few years, I don’t know if that is a reality for 2020 and that sucks. The only silver lining in this is students will pay more attention to their academics, but it leaves one wondering about their futures? How can one year where no college football is played going to impact the lives and livelihoods for so many people for years to come? That is a question we will have to wait and see America.