HOLLYWOOD—I am not big on comedies America. Yes, I might love movies, but comedies are not at the top of the list when it comes to entertainment for me. Why? Some things are funny and some things are not. Plain and simple comedy is subjective. However, I found myself thoroughly entertained and laughing out loud on more than one occasion with the comedy “No Hard Feelings.”

I have been a fan of Jennifer Lawrence since she burst on the scene people. I find her fascinating as an actress because she is so versatile. Rater it’s “Winter’s Bone,” “X-Men: First Class,” “Silver Linings Playbook” or “American Hustle,” she can wear various hats and she does it so exceptionally well. When she plays a character, she becomes that character, and I’ve seen people say oh, it is just Lawrence being Lawrence, but sorry I’m not buying that people.

This is talent and there’s a reason she has been nominated for an Academy Award multiple times before the age of 30.  I’ve seen her play against type in a comedy, but “No Hard Feelings” really amps the raunchiness in a way that worked. Lawrence portrays Maddie Barker, a 30 something bartender and Uber driver who is on the verge of losing her mother’s home that she inherited because of back taxes in Montauk.

Her financial situation puts her on the brink of losing it all until she comes across a Craigslist post from a couple wanting a woman to date their 19 year-old son, Percy (Andrew Barth Feldman) who is getting ready to attend Princeton, but is quite socially awkward. Going to put it out there, the pairing between Lawrence and Feldman is perfect casting. Feldman captures the geeky, quirky male who is inexperienced in dating and relationships and as a viewer you can connect with the character who is seen as an outcast.

They have great chemistry on the big screen that just works so well people. I heard people complaining about an older woman (she’s like 10 years older) seducing or wooing a younger boy being some big issue. Like, please, it really is not considering, all the movies we’ve seen of older men wooing younger women, enough already. The first meeting between Maddie and Percy is absolutely hilarious at the animal shelter, with inside jokes that land every time.

The bond between these two slowly begins to grow as Percy sees the fearlessness in Maddie that he wishes he possesses and he gets the feels quite early. There is just one big problem, Percy has no idea Maddie was hired by his parents Laird (Matthew Broderick) and Allison (Laura Benanti). Broderick and Benanti deliver solid work in their supporting roles, as do a few other actors and actresses in the flick, but the weight of the comedy is carried by Lawrence and Feldman.

Hell, there is even some nudity and it’s eye-popping as I was not expecting it people, but it was hilarious as hell. Is the movie predictable? Of course, you have an idea as a viewer where things are headed, but you’re on board for the ride.

The slapstick comedy works, but the witty dialogue works as well; the writing is sharp and piercing that it delivers belly aches at times. There is one scene with Maddie and her boss at the bar about her behavior that just had me in stitches people. This movie is absolutely rated-R, but it delivers the laughs that free your mind from any stress and negativity that you might be battling. “No Hard Feelings” is such a good time people.