BEVERLY HILLS—On April 26, the Beverly Hills Police Department revealed a partnership with the Los Angeles County Taskforce for Regional Auto Theft (T.R.A.P.) detectives to crack down on the number of vehicles on the road that do not have a front or rear license plate as mandated by law.

In a press release Canyon News received from Beverly Hills Police Department Sergeant Matthew D. Stout, of the Criminal Intelligence Unit, detectives and traffic investigators throughout Los Angeles County have discovered many crimes being captured on surveillance video; but many of the vehicles used in the crimes are not displaying license plates or are displaying dealer paper plates avoiding detection.

It has also occurred for several hit and run accidents and avoidance of toll road fees, photo red light enforcement, registration fees and concealment of driving a stolen vehicle. During a 4-hour game plan on vehicles with no plates, officers conducted 128 traffic stops, issued 78 citations, issued 34 parking citations and one car was impounded.

“Criminals routinely attempt to hide their identity from law enforcement by concealing their license plates. The efforts made by these officers demonstrate their commitment to public safety and do not go unnoticed,” said BHPD Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli.

Sgt. Matthew Stout of the BHPD spoke to Canyon News via email, who indicated not properly displaying license plates is a state wide trend.

“No specific “stings” are scheduled however, 5200 VC is a long established vehicle code section and a police officer can choose to enforce this law whenever they see fit,” said Sgt. Stout.

The BHPD is asking everyone to please display their license plates on their vehicles. Individuals who have purchased a new or used vehicle within the last 90 days and have not yet received their license plates should contact the dealer, seller or your local DMV office to avoid being cited.