ALEPPO—After a week of attacks by Russian and Syrian forces on the rebel-held area of Aleppo, there are currently no operating hospitals in eastern Aleppo operating at full capacity to provide aid and treatment in the city populated by 300,000 civilians.

Friday, November 18, marked the fourth day of attacks by Syrian warplanes on eastern Aleppo districts that started on November 15, according to reports. The airstrikes shutdown the last operating hospital in the city. The attack happened at approximately 8:30 p.m. at east Aleppo’s Omar Bin Abdul Aziz Hospital. According to TIME, an Al Jazeera film crew was in the hospital at the time.

One doctor told reporters that during the time of the event he rushed 14 babies in incubators to another facility that was 10 minutes away. They were not hurt during the attack.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there is a record of 126 attacks on health facilities this year during the Syrian Civil War. Many believe that the attacks on hospitals is a tactic by the Syrian government and Russian forces to drive out the rebels. The city is divided with anti-government rebels occupying the east and government forces in the west.

The WHO tweeted, “Residents of eastern #Aleepo, #Syria no longer hv access to trauma care, major surgeries, other consultations for serious health conditions” on Monday, November 21.

The volunteer corps of first responders, The White Helments noted that 29 people were killed on Sunday, November 20, including four children and their parents in a poisonous gas attack.

Since Tuesday, over 100 people have been killed across northern Syria. Doctors and residents in Aleppo have pleaded for help indicating that there is no more than 2 weeks worth of food and medicine available in the city of Aleppo, reported The Guardian.

Doctors w/o Borders tweeted, “Tried protecting generator from shrapnel with sand bags. Attacks have destroyed emergency rooms, entire hospitals,” on November 19.

Written By Kamisha Lauture and Donald Roberts