MALIBU—A new fundraising organization Malibu LEAD (Lending Educational Advancement & Development) has been created by parents, volunteers, and people who are concerned with the educational advancement of students in the city of Malibu.

The organization supports all public schools in Malibu including Webster Elementary, Malibu Elementary, Malibu Middle, and Malibu High School, granting funds for education, arts, athletics, and special programming.

According to the Malibu LEAD website, the goal of the organization is:

“Malibu LEAD works closely with students, teachers, and parents to provide students the resources they need to succeed. The programs, curriculum, and staffing we support include PTA/PTSA, athletics, arts, classroom aides, student counseling services, special education, the latest technology for the classroom, and student enrichment programs in math and science.”

The Malibu Times reported a conference call was held with every organization member that currently raises money for schools in the city of Malibu, among the supporters were Craig Foster of “The Shark Fund,” The Parent Teacher Association (PTA), and the (SMMUSD) Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Board of Education members.

City contributors raised funds in the sum of five percent in the year 2016, the same amounts from both districts were accounted for from January 2018–May 2018, and the school district was seeking to organize two separate bonds, one for Santa Monica and one for Malibu.

In November 2018, subsequent to the school board’s unanimous vote to devolve funding, the Santa Monica-Malibu Education Foundation became the Santa Monica Education Foundation.

Malibu LEAD will have the Giving Week event from October 7-13, which is part of the Shark Fund’s annual fall fundraising drive with daily and grand prize drawings!

A contest was held to create logos for Malibu LEAD, the last date to submit a logo was September 20. For additional information visit

Written By Anita Brown and Donald Roberts