SANTA MONICA—On Monday, September 23, the city of Santa Monica started construction on North Beach Trail to amplify movability and safety for beach visitors. Construction to improve the trail will start in phases at the Northern Limits of Santa Monica California. Pedestrians and cyclists will be permitted to use a temporary walkway while remodeling is underway. The 4 North Parking lot will be shut down for the duration of construction, and closures, detours, and signs will be posted in these areas.

According to a press release from the city of Santa Monica, cyclists will need to walk their bikes along the alternate pathway. Improvements of the current path for bike riders will be expanded and a separate walkway will be an addition to the trail. Ocean Front Walk on the northern side of the Santa Monica Pier is going to be remodeled, the finalization of the renovation is scheduled to be finished in November 2020.

During the course of construction, local businesses and the pier will remain open to the public. Betterment of the North Beach Trail will extend to areas around the pier and parking lot 1 North 1550 additional enhancements provisioned as part of the upgrades to North Beach Trail consist of:

(a) New energy reduction lighting will be placed along the trail of Ocean Front Walk.

(b) Murals of Birds, Plants, and Sea animals will be sandblasted at sections of Major crossing zones to instruct visitors about Santa Monica’s Marine life, of the beach and Bay.

(c) Wayfind signs will be installed at different locations along the beach trail and the parking lots helping visitors maneuver to favorite places such as the Pier, Muscle Beach. Annenberg Community Beach House, Main Street, and Downtown.

(d) The piers deck will be expanded for additional pedestrian safety and to accommodate social activities

(e) New seating and benches will be placed along the beach trail allowing pedestrians waiting to walk across the trail added safety as well as a resting zone.

To learn more details about the North Beach Trail Renovation individuals can attend the pop-up event and meet with city staff on Saturday, September 28 from 1-3 p.m.
Attendees will meet at Ocean Front Walk, at California Avenue, adjacent to Parking Lot 3.

For more details about each phase of construction and to view a map of Santa Monica Beach Trail and where the trail extends visit:

Additional details are available regarding the North Beach Trail Project by contacting Brian Ochoa, Architecture Services Project Manager at or call (310) 458-8320.