HOLLYWOOD—It is happening America, it looks like Peter August is about to finally receive his comeuppance on “General Hospital.” We have to pause a bit because last week was so loaded, as least Friday’s episode was to say the least. For starters, Anna’s duplicitous sister, Alex arrived in town, knocked her sister out cold and put on the charade to behave like her sister. Alex has done this before in the past and NO ONE in town realized what she was up to until it was too late.

That does beg the question if Alex has an ulterior motive in regards to her sister, Peter, Valentin or some other business in Port Charles. I must say though it’s fun seeing actress Finola Hughes tackle the dark side on the small screen. The great thing about Alex’s return is the audience finally got the answers we’ve been craving: Alex Devane is in fact Peter August’s mother, not Anna. Yes, it was a blow that Anna did not expect.

It left her enraged, but she knew the truth had to be explained. Here’s the problem, Anna has been stashed in the basement courtesy of Alex, and that tells me Alex has something sinister planned for Peter to learn the truth right. This has also enraged Valentin, who knows that Alex played him like a fiddle involving Peter also. With all this said, Peter was on cloud nine until he received that call from Helena Cassadine! Yes, that Helena and ofr a moment I thought she was real too, but it turns out it’s a program that Spinelli and Sam are using to bust Peter and its working people.

Peter is rattled and he wanted a meeting as ‘Helena’ made it clear that she will expose his role in Drew’s abduction and disappearance. Maxie couldn’t be happier with the impending marriage and her bundle of joy soon to be born, but I feel heartache is about to be headed Maxie’s way as well as a few other PC residents as we are in the think of November sweeps. Peter deduced that it was Spinelli after chatting with Valentin and he issued threats only confirming to Spinelli that Peter is indeed hiding something and on edge. Too bad Valentin didn’t steer clear of ‘Anna’ because he came face-to-face with Alex, who drugged him when he tried to rescue. Yup, they’re both in Alex’s clutches now America and there is now telling what this woman will do.

I saw this because the war between Cyrus, General Hospital, Sonny and a host of others seems to be reaching a feverish pitch. Laura Spencer is slated to return to town this month, and with rumors swirling that Emme Rylan has been let go from “GH,” as well as William DeVry, I feel bodies are about to start dropping and Cyrus will be at the catalyst of that mayhem.

So this begs an even bigger question, what is Cyrus’ focal on Laura and her family? It seems like the guy his indeed hiding a major secret and it feels like those things are going to start to unravel and in ways that will leave fans in a tizzy. I never found Cyrus threatening until witnessing that confrontation with TJ, Jordan and Portia. His rage came out and it was damn impressive acting to watch. Speaking of Lulu, she and Dustin are still going strong even though Dante is back in town, has infiltrated Peter’s business and seems focused on bringing down the enemy per his mission ala Dr. Liesl Obrecht.

Michael and Willow seem to be getting closer to giving into temptation as they want to cut their losses, but Chase seems to be building a bond with Brook Lynn, while Sasha is spiraling worse than ever with her drug addiction and now she has gotten entangled with Cyrus of all people. Nina is worried about her and so is Carly. Looks like the friction between Nina and Carly is building and it’s all related to Nelle Benson people. Nina is drawn to her (because she is likely her daughter). While no confirmation has been given, the fact that Carly is harboring this guilt and this drive to remember something from her past seems to point to that direction if you ask me.

We have to talk about Franco who recently learned he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and is planning to keep the secret from Elizabeth. It raises the question as to rather Franco is another one of those characters being cut from soap. Ava and Nikolas have given into their temptation, with Nikolas confessing his love, while Ava is guarded. I think this is a direct result of being blackmailed by Ryan Chamberlain. Ryan wants Ava to divorce Nikolas if she wants to get her hands on that letter that Nelle left him.

Ava attempted to outwit Ryan, but that only angered him, and he warned she would pay for the mistake. As a result, Ryan decided to give Sonny a call. So could the truth about Julian’s knowledge about Wiley being Michael’s on be the thing that finally takes him out. We shall see because Sonny fell for Ryan’s bait and paid him a visit to Pentonville just as it became clear that Sonny is now drawn into the orbit and will want to know what this sociopath knows that would benefit the mobster.

I mean Ava killed Connie and Sonny didn’t kill her, and that’s only because she was pregnant. I mean the Jerome clan can only have so many lives people, because at some point he chickens will come home to roost. I have not been so excited with all the chaos happening right now on “GH,” I feel like the pandemic has sped up the level of drama on this soap in ways never imagined.