WOODLAND HILLS—The New York based Signature Bank sent out a press release July 8 announcing the expansion to Los Angeles to compliment its San Francisco counterparts.

The commercial bank founded in 2001 and remains to be one of the 40 largest bank corporations in the nation. Signature first expanded to the West Coast in 2017. They will be opening up four private branches: Warner Center in Woodland Hills, Newport Beach, Beverly Hills and Ontario.

President and Chief Executive Officer Joseph J. DePaolo said the extension of the branches located in the West was due to the progress in San Francisco and the opportunities that appeared:

“The West Coast presented many opportunities for attracting seasoned banking professionals, all of whom have long-standing careers and significant relationships, which is why this latest expansion is so sizeable and extensive.”

Judi Prejean.

Signature appointed Judi Prejean as Executive Director to oversee the westward expansion alongside 45 other employees that create 15 different private client banking teams.

Prejean stated in the release, “I am privileged to have found Signature Bank after dedicating my entire career to the financial services space, and now see how its unparalleled model and single-point-of-contact focus influence the industry and the delivery of client care.”

Woodland Hills, Newport and Ontario are set to open their branches late this summer while the Beverly Hills location will follow their steps in the fall.