HOLLYWOOD—Three days after the debut of a new podcast titled “Confronting O.J. Simpson,” former NFL star O.J. Simpson, 71, posted on Twitter that, “I got a little getting even to do, so God bless, take care.”

The podcast was created and is hosted by Kim Goldman, the sister of Ron Goldman who was murdered in 1994. Goldman tells Fox News that Simpson’s comments on social media were most likely triggered by her new podcast.

“Maybe ‘Confronting O.J. Simpson’ put him over the edge,” Goldman explained. “I find it kinda disgraceful that on the observation of Ron and Nicole’s death that, that’s the day he chooses to go online and “get even.”

Simpson posted a video on social media stating that, “For years people have been able to say whatever they want about me without any accountability. But now I get to challenge a lot of that b.s. and set the record straight.”

O.J.’s re-emergence into the public sphere has been met with controversy. He established a new Twitter account in June 2019 and has more than 700,000 followers.

Los Angeles based publicist Danny Deraney posted a tweet reading:

“If you followed OJ Simpson on Twitter, I think you should be obligated to tell Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown’s families and tell them why you did so. In fact do that with all murdered victims families if you choose to follow a murderer on Twitter.”

Twenty-five years ago, on June 12, 1994, Simpson’s then estranged wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman who worked as a waiter were murdered at her Brentwood, California residence. On October 3, 1995, at 10:07 a.m. O.J. Simpson was acquitted on both counts of murder.

An estimated 140 million people across the nation watched on television and listened to the radio as the verdict was delivered. The jury deliberation only four  hours. The case had a 252 day trial, making it the longest trial held in the history of California.