HELLO AMERICA!—Millions of Americans are cheering former President Obama wherever he goes these days. It is reported that he is receiving thousands of letters from people from all over the world, especially, young people who are urging him to take on some official governmental responsibility or office. Not only that, he has been offered a film script to consider which would have him portray an ambassador who is able to prevent another heinous war between two countries.

It was made clear that the former president, of course, is very flattered to be considered for such a film challenge, however, he quickly reminds people of his stated plans to head up a community force which might enhance needed support in the Chicago area. Should Obama make some kind of film debut, in no way would he neglect his plans to support his political party, especially, working with and dealing with the concerns of young people who are definitely confused about the direction the nation appears to be heading. It is something he and wife, Michelle, are seriously concerned about as far as education and economic problems, the basis as a strong and forward moving community force.

Obama definitely understands the power of the media and how it affects the thinking of millions of people. He stated at one point that this is the world of “looking and listening” rather than “reading,” as it was when he was growing up searching to find who he was, as well as the place where he might contribute the most in society.

A close friend of the former First Family made it very clear that Michelle loves the idea of Obama stepping before the camera as an inspirational character. She has learned from their decision to run for the office of the presidency that if Obama believes he might be able to spread his ideas of peace and tolerance between people of different races and religions, there is no doubt, he will definitely take on the challenge of playing a major role in a motion picture or Cable feature film.

Naturally, there would be no difficulty in getting a high level, recognizable cast as his support. He has garnered so much respect not only in this country, but in Europe, as well. There is no doubt, there would be an international cast involved with any such film project featuring Obama as a major character.

There is talk that Joseph Kennedy 111 has also been approached to appear along with the former president in a character role. Should that be the case, let’s face it, their appearance together would be quite a duet of political power!