SHERMAN OAKS—A murder suspect was fatally shot by police officers attempted to take  on Wednesday, October 16 in Sherman Oaks. 

Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Barry Montgomery provided updates via the LAPDHQ Twitter account, indicating an individual wanted for connection to a murder and robbery that occurred earlier in the week was fatally shot by police when they attempted to take him into custody. 

The name of the suspect has not been released to the public, but he has been identified as an African-American male from Van Nuys, who robbed a liquor store at the intersection of Burbank Boulevard and Kester Avenue. The suspect is responsible for the murder of a maintenance man on the 14600 block of Burbank Boulevard on Tuesday, October 15.

Plain clothes officers started their surveillance at 6 a.m. Wednesday based off evidence and clues from both crime scenes. While attempting to apprehend the suspect, a shooting occurred at approximately 10:26 a.m. 

“They attempted to take him into custody and it simply went really bad,”, said Sgt. Montgomery in a media update.

The LAPD will continue to interview the officers involved, as well as other individuals. Authorities revealed that the robbery and murder was committed by the same suspect. It is not known if the suspect fired back at authorities, but a weapon was collected and will be tested for ballistics. The LAPD is still investigating the incident.