WOODLAND HILLS—An off-duty Los Angeles Police Department officer who has been quarantined after contracting COVID-19 shot at a suspect who attempted to break into his parked car in front of his home on Monday, March 30.

The officer-involved shooting was reported about 2:10 a.m. at the 22500 block of Cass Avenue. The officer heard a noise outside his home and noticed a man outside trying to break into his car. He came out of the residence to confront the suspect. After he realized that the suspect was armed, he opened fire. The shots bypassed the suspect who fled the scene unscathed in a white vehicle.

According to authorities, the officer and the suspect never made physical contact and the officer was not injured during the incident. The shooting is currently under investigation.

LAPD’s Josh Rubenstein notified Canyon News in an email that the “Force Investigation Division responded to the scene to conduct their investigation. Responding officers and detectives we’re also advised that the officer involved in the OIS was quarantined at home due to a positive COVID-19 test. All necessary resources to maintain the safety of the community and responding LAPD personnel were deployed.”

Rubenstein added that in 45 days the department will release more details regarding this case.