BEVERLY HILLS— On Thursday, July 24, about a dozen protesters were arrested for refusing to leave after multiple dispersal orders. An additional protesters was arrested for alleged assault on a police officer.

The demonstration was organized by the Black Future Project in Beverly Hills. In an Instagram post, the Black Future Project stated that this was “a demand that all schools in LA County receive equitable access to educational funding regardless of their zip code.” Beverly Hills was targeted specifically because “having historically separated themselves from the city of Los Angeles in an act of deliberate wealth hoarding, is an iconic representation of the systems of oppression we strive to fight against and dismantle.”

According to the Beverly Hills Police Department, the protest was scheduled for 6:30 p.m. near Moreno and Lasky drives. About 75 protesters marched east on Santa Monica Boulevard, blocking traffic in different directions. Officers gave the crowd orders to disperse, and when they did not comply, many of them were arrested.

Beverly Hills Councilman John Mirisch expressed on Facebook that it is difficult to sympathize with or trust the Black Future Project which “deliberately misrepresents both history and the essence of a community.”

“Beverly Hills was never a part of Los Angeles. Beverly Hills was founded in 1914 as an independent city. In fact, if the organizers would read their history books, they would understand that many independent communities such as North Hollywood, Venice, Hollywood, San Pedro, Eagle Rock, Watts and other independent cities were bullied into becoming annexed into LA,” said Mirisch.

He added: “Sorry, folks, ignorance is not a valid excuse for the kind of revisionist history, stereotyping, and false narratives that tonight’s protest organizers are trying to ‘sell’ about our welcoming, cosmopolitan, connected Jewish-majority community.”

The Black Future Project previously staged a protest in Beverly Hills on June 27 in which over two dozen people were also taken into custody for unlawful assembly.