STUDIO CITY—The historic Studio City dance bar, Oil Can Harry’s, will permanently close after 52-years of business. According to the statement made on Oil Can Harry’s website, the bar was sold on December 9 to a new buyer and who plans to convert it to a jazz bar.

Monte Overstreet, the landlord who owns the buildings for Rage Nightclub, Flaming Saddles, and West Hollywood’s Gold Coast Bar all have closed from failed rent payments. Oil Can Harry’s will close because of failure to pay rent and impacts from COVID-19.

Owner John Fegan took control of the bar after the death of previous owner, Bob Tomasino, in 2013 and posted back in November 2020 that the bar was only closed due to COVID-19. 

It was established in 1968 and hosted various celebrities like the Him music video, “Little of your Love,” Gonna Davis, and Lady Gaga, according to Oil Can Harry’s website. 

“Thank you all for this beautiful gift that we shared for 53 years…Please, no negative posts on social media! It only hurts. Only positive would help!,” reads a statement from Oil Can Harry’s.