WOODLAND HILLS—Thanks to a company that uses scientific data to find adults, who might still be interested in attending college, the rate of older college students could be on the rise, as younger students are attending less and less.

According to a CDC report released in May, the birth rate in the United States fell to its lowest rate in 30 years after there were only 3.75 million births in 2019.

The Los Angeles Community College District has coupled with a company called CollegeAPP, which is short for “College Adult Prospect Pipeline,” and they are in the business of finding students that still have a desire to attend college, even if they are older.

“The interesting thing about colleges is they know the size of their audience 18 years in advance,” says creator and founder of CollegeAPP, Jack MacKenzie, who considers his venture to be an attempt to market college to potential students.

They may not have been interested in the idea before, but may be having a change of heart now. “We enable their ability to not market to people who don’t want go and speak directly to those who do,” MacKenzie said.

According to a spokesman for the Los Angeles Community College District, William Boyer, this might be an opportunity for students to turn over a new leaf. “Our existing campaigns are focused on existing students or students that may have started but stop. This is opening a whole new horizon of markets for us and we’re very excited about it.”

Jolene Rodriguez, a professor from Pierce College in Woodland Hills, believes using technology to find more students can only be a benefit for both sides. “It does help us and then we can also look and offer the concierge service to them. What is it that they need to move forward?”

Registration for the fall 2020 semester by the Colleges of Los Angeles began this past Wednesday, August 29, with classes officially kicking off on August 31.