The Uncertain Future of OLED Gaming Monitors

In the early months of 2019, brand new OLED gaming monitor technology began to appear and people began to wonder whether or not we would see mass production in the next few months. This type of gaming monitor is capable of producing an incredible list of specifications that outmatch traditional 1080p monitors.

These new specifications include 4K Resolution, HDR support, high quality color display, and 120 Hz Refresh Rates. While these monitors might sound like a taste of the future, they actually have quite an uncertain future, given the incredible cost that it takes to produce them. It could actually be quite some time before we see these monitors come out onto the market. They would be incredibly expensive and manufacturers might still come out on the losing end.

There are some additional technology concerns that could also open the door to the possibility of OLED monitor panels in being faulty. Imagine a disaster where thousands of OLED monitors sell to customers and eventually break down with a similar hardware fault. This is likely a nightmare that companies are not ready to live with, especially at this price range.

The possibility of these types of monitors coming out to the market right now is pretty unlikely, but that doesn’t mean that they will be gone forever. Technology is always improving, but as the price comes down on the production costs, it is fairly likely that we would then see OLED gaming monitors pop up within the industry.

It is still relatively expensive to purchase a general 4K Resolution monitor, so imagine the additional costs that would be apparent with a gaming monitor with the specifications of an OLED panel. It would be an extremely risky investment for any company to consider and it is likely that manufacturers would not receive a return on their initial investment for many years.

All of this information comes together to produce quite a clear sign that the OLED gaming monitors are not going to be mass produces and sold to the public for a significant amount of time. That doesn’t mean that the technology should be ignored, because eventually, this type of monitor technology will be found in a majority of households.

With all of that being said, how long should people expect to have to wait before getting their hands on a state-of-the-art OLED gaming monitor? It is likely that the production costs will drop significantly over the course of the next 5 – 10 years, opening a pathway for companies to begin producing and utilizing this technology at an affordable price.

So, right now the only option for the public is to wait around and daydream about the future, where eventually you might walk into a retail store and have the opportunity to buy an affordable OLED gaming monitor.