UNITED STATES—How do you grocery shop America? Are you someone that does all of your grocery shopping at one store, do you shop at multiple stores or utilize a coupon clipper, do you get delivery on some items? I can continue to discuss all the ways that shopping has changed over the years. In the past, you would have to shop at multiple places, which is a trend that I continue America.

For me, it is all about the sale. I’m about saving a buck anyway I can, but I’m not a super penny pincher either. However, if I can visit one establishment and spend $100 dollars and have groceries that last let’s say 10 days to 14 days versus and an establishment where I spend the same amount and I only have groceries for a few days, what would you choose?

That is the thing America, there are chains that are higher than others, and I’m just going to put it out there and I don’t care what others say, Whole Foods is not affordable for the everyday American. Yes, the notion of eating healthy is its mission, but you spend double if not triple at that place to have the same amount of groceries you would have anywhere else and guess what, you spend much less.

I still find it funny that it appears supermarkets are the only place that actually still deliver a weekly sales ad. Lots of other retailers don’t do that anymore and it is difficult sometimes to know what is on sale and what is not on sale unless you enter the establishment. There are some that send you a weekly email noting a few deals here and there, but not a full listing of all items on sale.

For me, I have my staple supermarket that I visit once a week, this is to load up on staples for the fridge, pantry and freezer. The new craze is the digital coupons that unfortunately you have to clip in order to get items at a discounted rate. Yes, it can be frustrating. It would be great if the businesses would just ensure the consumer gets the items on sale at the sale price without having to do more work on their end. However, I guess this is how businesses track what is proving successful when it comes to earning money.

When it comes to my fruits and vegetables and specialty meats I head to my local farmer’s market. I like what I like and I think most Americas are just like me. Do I spend a bit extra at my local farmer’s market? Yes, but the quality of the goods are totally worth it. I get fruits and veggies that last triple the time in the fridge or shelf compared to if I were to purchase those same items at a local supermarket. Sometimes you have to pay for quality and I’m ok with that depending on the situation at hand and if I have the funds to do so.

Now the club warehouses, I indulge every so often. That is not a weekly or even monthly trip for me because the sales are not really sales most of the time. If I need something in bulk, which is rare, I might head to the club warehouse where I have a membership to load up on paper towel, toilet paper, some cleaning supplies and if there are a few snacks I want to purchase in bulk.

You have to be careful of purchasing food in bulk because if you don’t use it, it goes to waste and I don’t like wasting money, especially when it comes to food. I need my wallet to stay as loaded as I possibly can. So every penny I save is money that can be used towards other things I need in life or services I have to pay for in life.

I do try to stick to a budget when grocery shopping, but I always allow myself to go over $10 to $15 because you’ll always find something that catches your eye or something that you want that you didn’t expect. It is like going to the grocery store is work people. It may not seem like it, but you always come across a treat or deal that is just too good to pass-up on.

I can’t remember a time I finished grocery shopping and I didn’t want to grab a quick bite to eat. Probably not the smartest thing considering you just spent a hefty amount of money on food, but most Americans don’t want to head home and have to craft a meal. I know it doesn’t make sense, but you’ve completed a chore, so you deserve a treat if you didn’t purchase one at the market.

Written By Jason Jones