CALIFORNIA—In-home renovation is often unavoidable, and always inconvenient – homeowners are tasked with finding a contractor who can ensure honesty, quality and reliability, all at an affordable price.

Any type of home improvement, whether it’s masonry or maintenance, requires commitment, and specific tasks call for specific expertise, which can prolong the process and inflate the project’s price tag. In-home renovation is a personal experience, and it comes equipped with several caveats and complications, which can make homeowners particularly fearful of feeling dissatisfied or exploited.

But what if there was a way to minimize the anxieties of home improvement?

The Los Angeles-based contracting conglomerate One Stop Mobile Flooring uses trust and consistency as catalysts to do just that. It capitalizes on convenience, with a 15 to 20 percent discount on all large orders, and services ranging from housekeeping and home design, to stonework and security system installation.

One Stop Mobile Flooring was founded in 2007 by Jim Gee, a real estate investor whose spent his career managing and remodeling investment properties in Los Angeles. Since, the company’s near-two dozen certified contractors have served thousands of clients across Los Angeles and Orange counties. Employees undergo an extensive hiring process, which includes a series of referrals, interviews and a background check, assistant manager Jasmine Diaz told Canyon News. “It’s something we take very seriously.”

One Stop Mobile Flooring is a “hub zone” for home improvement, Diaz indicated. It accommodates virtually all contracting needs by hiring professionals seasoned in services, such as: remodeling, flooring, stonework, housekeeping, custom home construction, security system installation, and interior and exterior painting. But the company more so prides itself on customer loyalty,  according to Diaz, who attributed the company’s repertoire of returning clientele to the follow-up services it provides, which include secondary maintenance tasks, such as: plumbing, utility repair, electrical work, and sound and entertainment system instillation.

Trust is the foundation of all successful renovations, Diaz noted, adding that One Stop Mobile Flooring clients can be assured the personnel working inside their homes are honest, experienced, reliable and accountable. On day one of a new project, crews are accompanied at the site by a member of management to ensure all runs smoothly.

“[Management] pays special attention to expertise,” Diaz said. “That, and customer satisfaction.”

One Stop’s newest service, housekeeping, is flexible to whatever capacity suits the client, and offers both fixed-schedule maid visits and one-time cleaning sprees – which tackle larger projects, such as a hoarding situation, or the aftermath of an event or celebration, at the going rate for $45 per-hour.

Free quotes are available upon request at One Stop Mobile Flooring’s website. Homeowners seeking to renovate, remodel, or repair can call (800) 318-1284 to schedule an in-home appointment with a One Stop specialist, during which suggestions are made, measurements are taken, estimates are given and questions are answered.