UNITED STATES—I keep trying and I keep trying, but I’m finding myself having a ton of trouble getting properly organized, particularly my closet. I get rid of clothes, only to add more clothes, or I have clothes that I refuse or dismiss as something I’m going to wear that I never wear.

I mean right now, I have at least 20 plus or more jeans in a clothes basket that I have not touched in nearly a month. I said last weekend I was going to organize things and I still haven’t done it. However, I am going to tackle the issue people, much sooner than later, I just have to get the guts to handle it and not complain in the process people.

Here is the thing with organization: you have to be willing to let things go even if it hurts to let those things go people. You cannot wear every single item you have especially if you have an abundance of those things people. So what does this mean? You have to go thru everything. Yes, trust me I know this is a massive pain in the you know what, but this is the ONLY way for you to truly know what you WANT, NEED and DO NOT NEED. With the DO NOT NEED that does not mean just toss those items in the trash, if they are fairly new, gently worn and in good condition, donate those items to local shelters and charities to help those who really need them people.

They always say one person’s trash is another person’s treasure and I whole heartedly believe that. When you let some things go, it might hurt, it might sting a bit, but guess what it opens the door for you to have more space in your bedroom or closet. That space brings a bit of clarity and allows the organization to be easier as a result. Nothing is more frustrating than having to dig thru stuff to find something you want or would like to wear. You get stressed just simply thinking about it and that is a terrible feeling to say the least.

Now some of you might say how can you better organize? That depends. You might have boxes or storage cases that allow you to dump things into them. The key with that is to ensure you know where you are placing things so you don’t lose sight of the important stuff. If its items you do not need or will NOT be using in the foreseeable future it’s NOT a bad idea to store them further away to ensure the items that will be in regular rotation are at your fingertips.

You can have others help you organize, but don’t let someone do it without letting your thoughts be shared. Why? You know what you want and what you don’t want, the person doing the organizing is NOT going to fully know that so you have to lend that ear people. Once you tell them they can tackle the job with confidence and not be worried as to what you might like and what you might not like people.

The thought about organizing is something that stresses so many people out, but once we stop stressing about the issue and just tackle it head on we will be quite pleased with the result America.

Written By Zoe Mitchell