BEVERLY HILLS—Are you ready to organize your life? The owner of Organize & Revise can help you to put both your closet and your life in order: and it’s just as simple as making a call!

The owner/operator was an attorney and business owner for several years, before dedicating her life to helping others organize and simplify their lives. Are you a pack rat and simply can’t throw away anything? Have you tried to put your house in order, and it just never seems to stay organized? Have you been wanting to put your finances in order, but never got around to it? Organize & Revise is an excellent and highly versatile way to get both your physical domain and your financial realm better organized, efficient and under control. The owner of Organize & Revise has worked extensively with both individuals and businesses, even creating company templates and designing plans to help customers stay organized and on task.

Organize & Revise is a true one-stop shop for total organization. Whether you are looking for someone to help put your home in order and set up a system of organization indoors, or if you are looking for someone to help clean up and organize your finances, Organize & Revise is the way to go. And particularly as tax season rolls around the corner, this is one business to look into. One could have their home and financial records organized by the same person who can help prepare for tax season!

Personal shopping, business and home organization, the creation of new organizational systems, the creation of personalized budgets, balancing accounts and/or paying bills, and helping get rid of unnecessary clutter: these are just a few of the many ways in which Organize & Revise can make your life easier!

The owner of Organize & Revise began a career in personal organization by helping others to organize their finances. (Friends encouraged the owner to share her wealth of organization knowledge and tangible skills.) Organize & Revise is one viable option for both individuals and for businesses. Additionally, Organize & Revise is affordable; the proprietor can do jobs either by the hour or through a flat project rate.

The owner enjoys both number crunching and helping clients to set up realistic budgets. Organize & Revise is a business which won’t just help you once: it can set you on the right path for as long as you like.

The owner of Organize & Revise very much enjoys working with people, and gains great satisfaction in helping others simplify and improve their lives through organization. Through talent, extensive experience and a passion for order and assistance, the owner of Organize & Revise presents a professional and youthful option to those who need and/or want to organize and update!

Those who have utilized Organize & Revise haven’t been sorry: customers are so fond of the service they receive, they often make sure that even if their home or business is relocated, that they can retain the services of Organize & Revise. The owner points out that “a lot of clients have wanted me to move with them!” Many of the clients become personal friends, and every customer is treated as a valuable asset. Other customers come back anytime they need a wise and professional opinion on interior decorating and design; Organize & Revise can help you decorate your new home, as well! Organize & Revise really can help you with virtually any organizing task: “I can do everything [to help organize],” the owner explains.

If you are giving personal information to anyone, they should be trusted. And with a long record of satisfied customers, Organize & Revise is one powerful option to consider when you are ready to get a little more organized!


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