HOLLYWOOD—Oscar-nominated actress Juanita Moore passed away on Wednesday, January 1 at her Los Angeles home. Moore, who was 99, made history becoming the fifth African-American to be nominated for an Academy Award for her work in the 1959 film “Imitation of Life” where she co-starred alongside Lana Turner. Moore became the third woman to be nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

The movie tells the story of a white actress (Turner) who aspires to fame, and the relationship she builds with her friend Annie Johnson ( Moore) and their quest to raise their daughters as single mothers.  Moore was born in Los Angeles and made her film debut in the 1949 movie “Pinky.” The actress continued with small roles in movies and television including “The Mack,” “Fox Style,” Disney’s “The Kid,” “ER” and “Judging Amy.”

She was married to Charles Burris for nearly 50 years, before his passing in 2001. Her grandson, Kirk Kelley-Kahn, who is an actor/producer, is also the CEO/President of “Cambridge Players-Next Generation.”