HELLO AMERICA!—Some people are never satisfied. Even though in the last few years the Oscars were a bit dull to say the least, there are those who couldn’t wait to voice their discomfort for this year’s award presentation. Without a doubt, Neil Patrick Harris did an excellent job as host even though there were obvious bumps. And by the way, there has never been a perfect show, it is simply the nature of the beast.

I felt the birth of a new kind of energy that was young and hopeful, enabling all of us to continue believing that we as an industry is far from dead but one that is still alive, kicking and projecting a promise of inclusion instead exclusion.

It was wonderful watching J.K. Simmons receive the Oscar for his powerful support performance in “Whiplash” Without question, Eddie Redmayne (Best Actor) deserved recognition for a performance that was controlled, layered with a delicate touch of creative restraint. Julianne Moore as Best Actress for “Still Alive”  was no surprise. Everybody in the business was hoping that, at last, she would receive the honor. There was thunderous applause when Patricia Arquette was named Best Supporting Actress for film “Boyhood.”

Lady Gaga brought the house down with her tribute to the classic musical “Sound of Music.” She proved that she could easily handle the kind of standards the world over loves and always will. She deserved the standing ovation received. The icing on the cake was the appearance of Julie Andrews applauding her as well. Jennifer Hudson brought the audience to their feet with her performance of “I Can’t Let Go.” She knows how to grab the soul of an audience and make them want to beg for more.

Of course, the emotions hit extra high with the performance of the award winning song “Glory” by John Legend, Common and a chorus of singers who kept the tears flowing as a background green screen displayed the Selma bridge, reminding us of the blood and tears that took place there, just for the right to vote. It was, indeed, a powerful, memorable moment in that theatre. “Birdman” as Best Picture was well deserved. Director, Alejandro G. Inarritu was quite eloquent in his acceptance speech, mentioning the importance of immigrants and their contributions in America.

I genuinely enjoyed this year’s Oscar award show. It wasn’t perfect but it had a healthy life to it that made you have expectations for another year of meaningful, fun and entertaining film offerings from even more filmmakers. After all, that’s what it is all about is it not?