PACIFIC PALISADES—Pacific Palisades High School soccer athlete, Shane Thomas, 17, died of unknown causes on Saturday, August 15 after an athletic training session with FC Golden State at Ayala Park in Chino Hills. A full investigation into the accident remains ongoing at this time.

According to eyewitnesses at the scene, Shane was found unresponsive near his coaches vehicle after attempting to deliver soccer balls into the vehicle. Temperatures in Chino Hill on Saturday, August 15 reached a record high of 111 degrees.

Shane was due to graduate from Palisades High School in 2021. During his career playing varsity soccer, he played as Jersey #7 in Forward position. Shane’s national rank in varsity soccer was 384 while his California rank was 131. He played 15 games, scored 18 goals, and had 42 points accumulated.

A GoFundMe page has been started by the Thomas family with a $20,000 goal to cover funeral and memorial costs for Shane. The fundraiser description states:

As of Tuesday, August 15, the fundraiser has been donated to from 552 donors, shared 1,100 times, and has 554 followers. It has reached donations of $35,231.