PACIFIC PALISADES—The Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness (PPTFH) will be meeting on Tuesday, July 14 from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Los Angeles Public Library Community Room, Palisades Branch.

The meeting is open to public, and residents are encouraged to attend. Local law enforcement officials, including Capt. Tina Nieto of the LAPD and Senior Lead Officer Michael Moore of the LAPD, will also be attending.

The focus of the meeting will be law enforcement, but they have included time for public questions as part of the agenda.

The task force was formed in October 2014, as a response to the homeless encampments and panhandlers who took residence in the beach areas and the Palisades Bowl. The Palisades Bowl is a dry area and also considered a fire hazard zone.

In a June 22 Facebook post, the organization stated that their objective is “to raise money and bring in the kind of services that can meaningfully address homelessness, and not just push it around.” The PPTFH would like to use resources to help homeless individuals transition into stable living.

Currently there have been reports of illegal encampments in the Porto Marina area of Pacific Palisades.

According to the Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count, in which Pacific Palisades took part, there are a total 44,359 homeless individuals in Los Angeles County, out of which, 31,018 are unsheltered. This is an increase from the 2013 count, which showed a total population of 39,463 homeless individuals.

Subpopulations of Homeless Individuals. Photo Courtesy
Subpopulations of Homeless Individuals. Photo Courtesy

The count further specified subpopulations, where 12,356 are chronically homeless individuals and about the same number have mental illnesses. Many others are veterans or have physical disabilities.