PACIFIC PALISADES—Palisades Village construction is underway after the groundbreaking ceremony was held on Swarthmore Avenue on October 28.

The 116,000 square-feet village was designed by Caruso Affiliated, a Los Angeles-based real estate firm owned by Rick Caruso, and was recently approved by the Los Angeles City Council. The objective of the project is to create a pedestrian-friendly gathering place to serve as a centerpiece of the neighborhood. It is planned to open in summer 2018.

“We were so excited to bring together all the people who have supported this project from the very beginning and were involved in moving the project forward,” said a representative of Caruso Affiliated in a statement to Canyon News. “Everyone who attended the groundbreaking event was there because they helped shape and mold this project and we were grateful to have everyone together, in one place, to thank them for that. We all share a belief that this will be a beautiful place and can’t wait for it to come to life.”

Caruso Affiliated added to Canyon News that the plans for Palisades Village have been shaped over the past few years by thousands of conversations and meetings with residents of the community, and the design was created to respect and honor the history and characteristics of Pacific Palisades. Feedback from residents included an array of unique, curated stores and boutiques, outdoor dining, a walkable safe village, specialty grocer, a neighborhood-scale movie theater, and a community room and park space, all of which are in expected in the final design. The project will also include eight apartment units.

To accommodate new visitors, a total of 560 stalls in a three-level underground parking structure will be provided. It is more than five times the number of spaces provided on the existing surface lot. There will also be 29 diagonal parking stalls along Swarthmore Avenue, and the street will be converted into a one-way street to keep traffic moving at a steady pace.

“The project will revitalize downtown Palisades and give the neighborhood the thriving community center it deserves,” said Los Angeles Councilman Mike Bonin in a statement.