GRIFFITH PARK—The Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday, June 9 met to discuss whether or not to extend parking restrictions in five districts near the Hollywood sign.

The proposal comes from a push from the Hollywoodland Homeowners Association. The increasing popularity of the area is bringing more tourists who are parking on neighborhood streets, affecting parking. Residents brought up the proposal to Councilman Tom LaBonge last month and are now asking LaBonge to pass the amendment before leaving office.

The councilman, who will be termed out in July, says that the move is necessary.  It would apply to five districts including Rodgerton Drive,  Ledgewood Drive, Woodhaven Drive, Lechner Place, Hollyridge Drive, Rockcliff Drive, Deronda Drive and Mulholland Highway.

The proposal would extend the hours from an existing five-day restriction to seven days. Only residents that pay an annual fee for a placard to the city would be permitted to park in the preferential parking districts. The vote on rather to ask the Transportation Department for a report on recommendations for increasing parking restriction hours in the area was passed by a unanimous vote 11-0. The city would need at least 67 percent of the residents of the preferential districts to approve the proposal.