HOLLYWOOD—Hollywood plays host to countless A-list events throughout the season and invitations are limited.  However, these restrictions do not stop everyone and every party has a crasher.  This age-old tradition has come under scrutiny lately with recent high-profile party crashes; people are calling for action.

A law, which will make the act of “party crashing” a more severe crime, will go before the California state legislature later this month.  The law would make the act punishable with a $1,000 fine, up to six months in jail or both. Assemblyman Anthony Portantino penned the legislation at the behest of the Screen Actors Guild after an incident in January where numerous persons infiltrated the event and managed to sneak past security.  Some members of the industry feel these occasions illustrate a lack of safety at high-profile events, when security is a prime concern.

As it stands now, such actions violate 25 sections of trespassing code; the proposed law would be an addendum to these codes, reinforcing and strengthening them.  The legislation will go before state officials later in the month at which point arguments will be heard and the proposed punishments discussed.