GLENDALE, AZ—Well it’s a national holiday, even though it’s not labeled on the calendar. It’s Super Bowl Sunday! Where football, family, sports fanatics, and great food all bond for one day in America. In one corner, you have the team that is considered one of the best in the league, the New England Patriots. In the other corner, you have the defending champs the Seattle Seahawks.

The first quarter proved to be an interesting one that saw the Seahawks grab an edge over the Patriots thanks to a mistake from Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Can’t recall the last time the first quarter was scoreless in a Super Bowl game. The second quarter proved to a be a driving run for the Patriots as Brady led his team to touchdown territory thanks to a catch from Julian Edelman, and a touchdown pass from Brady to Brandon LaFell.

Just like that New England was in the driver seat 7-0, but the Seahawks would even the score as a Hail Mary by Russell Wilson put Seattle within a few yards of a touchdown. Marshawn Lynch utilized that edge to put his team on the scoring board.

Brady might have started the game off with a costly mistake, but the Patriots made eight plays that led to a touchdown by Rob Gronkowski. With less than 2 minutes left before half-time, the Seahawks went for a touchdown instead of a field goal. Indeed a risky move with only six seconds left, scored a touchdown courtesy of Chris Matthews.  I must say this is turning out to be one of the most competitive and interesting Super Bowl games I’ve seen in a long time

Time for a bit of music, as the half-time show was led by popstress Katy Perry. She had plenty of surprises during her set including Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliott. Perry opened with her hit “Roar” complete with a robotic lion, and a fire costume that will sure be a fashion trend. I will admit Perry’s visual set pieces were astounding, especially for her hit “Dark Horse.” Kravitz joined Perry on stage to sing her ubiquitous hit “I Kissed A Girl.”

The sunny topics later hit the stage for “Teenage Dream” and “California Gurls.” Missy hit the stage performing her inescapable hit “Get Ur Freak On,” for some perfect old school hip-hop, and the transition to “Work It” and “Lose Control” was fire. Perry subdued things a bit as she sang her ballad “Firework.”

Seattle kicked off the third quarter with a field goal that gave them a 17-14 lead. New England’s drive to score became another casualty for Tom Brady as he threw his second interception in the game, giving Seattle the opportunity to advance their lead. That lead came with a touchdown from Wagner giving the Seahawks a 24-14 lead

I must say Seattle’s defense locked the Patriots offense for most of the third quarter. It was almost as if New England didn’t show up for the second half of the game. With the game on the line, the Patriots rebounded with a touchdown in the fourth quarter cutting the Seahawks led to only 3 points with less than eight minutes left to play. It became apparent that the Patriots stepped up their defense to halt Seattle’s offense in the fourth quarter. With less than 3 minutes in the game, the Patriots scored a touchdown courtesy of Edelman to give them a 28-24 lead.

With less than two minutes in the game, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was determined to manifest a drive that would take his team to just mere yards from a touchdown thanks to an incredible catch by Kearse that left everyone speechless. It was an epic catch to say the least.  In the final 25 seconds, with a touchdown almost a certainty, Wilson throws an interception to Malcolm Butler that seals the deal for New England. It was a bad call that literally blundered Seattle’s chance to repeat as defending champs.

And just like that a game that started with New England in the driver seat, swapping to Seattle taking control, to the Hawks giving the game to the Patriots with a bad call, the Patriots have added their fourth Super Bowl win in 13 years.

I must say the final few minutes of the game was a nail-bitter worth every second Super Bowl XLIX will go down as one of my fave games in quite sometime. Until Super Bowl XL everyone!