UNITED STATES—The biggest reason why anyone undertakes a job is to make money. Whether we accept it or not, money is what drives an individual. Money is what motivates everyone to get up and head to work. It is the money that keeps everyone motivated. 

This is why one error in the calculation of payrolls can be the cause of frustration among employees that affects their morale. To keep your employees in the organization satisfied, you need to make sure that all the monetary incentives, be it salaries or bonuses, go out to employees on time and with the right amount. 

A payroll program helps you automate this crucial process, reduces the risk of errors, and also calculates compensations, benefits, and tax reductions among many. You can save plenty of time by investing in this digital tool that has made the lives of many easy. 

In this article, you can read about the top payroll programs that are leading the industry this year. 


  • Gusto


Gusto is the top contender for the best payroll programs in the market. This is because this tool is not just your payroll software but a people platform. Gusto is a tool known to simplify the complex HR process that involves benefits and payrolls. The receiver of the Expert’s Choice Awards, this tool is famous for its features and innovative user interface. 


  • Allows you to automate payroll management. 
  • Users can schedule payments. 
  • Allows for paperless transactions as it delivers digital paystubs via email. 
  • Allows employees to access employee portals. Thus, employees can maintain transparency. 

Pricing Model: This tool offers a free trial. By following a subscription-based model, Gusto allows users to make one payment and enjoy the tool for the rest of the year. 


  • APS Payroll 


APS Payroll is famous for being a one-stop solution. By being a payroll and HR platform in one, this tool has certainly proven to be every HR’s best friend. Right from payroll management to recruitment processes, this tool boasts about its capability to automate various operations of HR. 


  • This tool provides scalability. Thus, it will evolve with your organization as you grow. 
  • Offers seamless integrations with other software that you might use. 
  • Provides actionable reports. 
  • In case of error checking, APS sends notifications to alert you about errors before final processing.  

Pricing Model: Before opting for the full-version and paying their subscription fee, you can take a free trial and understand if the tool fits with your needs. 


  • Corporate Payroll Services 


They say nothing beats experience and Corporate Payroll Services have proven that time and again. Up and running since 1991, Corporate Payroll Services was designed for small to mid-sized businesses. To help them manage their payroll processes as well as filing or reporting of taxes. What separates them from the crowd is the one-on-one service that their payroll specialists offer so that you can keep your focus on business growth. 


  • Low-cost preparation of payrolls. 
  • Timely filing of state, local, and federal payroll taxes. 
  • Calculate, print, and deliver payroll checks to the door timely. 
  • Helps you avoid any penalties or late fees. 

Pricing Model: They follow a subscription-based fee model. 


  • Dayforce


Dayforce was designed especially to cater to the human capital needs of organizations. This cloud-based platform takes care of several aspects of human capital management ranging from payrolls to taxes, benefits to talent management. 


  • Offers access to real-time data for every aspect of HCM. 
  • Allows organizations to hire and recruit the right talent. 
  • Gives a platform to employees to check work-related information and transactions. 
  • Offers multi-currency and multi-language support to users. 

Pricing Model: They offer a free trial and follow a subscription-based pricing model. 


These were the top payroll programs that you can certainly choose from. Each of them has been designed to help you minimize errors, offer timely payments, and thus improve employee satisfaction.