UNITED STATES—On Tuesday, July 6, author, former leader of the Homeland Security Disinformation Board, and FAQ checker, Nina Jankowicz, publicly disclosed inaccurate information reported by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in an email sent to her constituents.

According to Jankowicz, Pelosi sent a fundraising email reporting that a new election analysis puts Democrats in the lead and is a misrepresentation of facts from Pelosi to her potential donors.

Jankowicz and others have called Pelosi’s information, “A Blatant Lie.” On Twitter, she refers to the misinformation as a Democratic issue.

Below is a tweet from FiveThirtyEight founder, Nate Silver with the latest analysis.

Senior Election Analyst, @SeanTende challenged Silvers’ report of report. @Screwlack, also known as, “Surface Noise” challenged Nate Silver, calling him “lazy” for reusing information.

Pelosi is promoting a back the blue campaign encouraging fellow Democrats to support Democrats running, no matter who they are, on her website and Twitter page.

“As of July 1, 2022, Republicans controlled 54.27% of all state legislative seats nationally, while Democrats held 44.41%. Republicans held a majority in 62 chambers, and Democrats held the majority in 36 chambers. One chamber, Alaska House, was organized under a multi-partisan, power-sharing coalition,” as reported on Ballotpedia.